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Employee Financial Empowerment Platform

Welcome Employers

At no cost to you, the employer, our program is designed to help your employees gain the financial stability they need.  Our program offers the following benefits to help your organization. 

  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Improve employee financial well-being
  • Attract new hires
  • Reduced rate discounts on auto and personal loans for your employees*

Empowering Your Employees

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By participating in The Employee Financial Empowerment Platform your employees will become financially empowered - ultimately resulting in the following organizational benefits;

  • Reduction in absences due to unreliable transportation
  • Reduction in employees being distracted due to personal financial issues
  • Employees feel like their employer cares
  • Increase in employee punctuality due to reduced transportation issues
  • Reduced financial stress translates to higher productivity
  • Happier more productive work environment


Real Product Solutions

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The Financial Empowerment Platform
offers these real product solutions to your employees;

  • And much more!


To help your employees break the cycle of financial duress, we also provide access to FREE financial counselors and credit-building resources to ensure accountability.


Benefits for YOU

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When employees feel financially empowered by no-cost benefits provided by you, the employer, their reduced stress can lead to a more productive work environment, you also get to experience the benefits of:



  • Improved retention rates
  • Improved performance
  • Increased market share competitiveness
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved attendance
  • Improved HR financial bottom line
  • Decreased employee stress level
  • Increased job quality

To become an Employer Partner first click the button below to determine if your organization is eligible:

Become a Partner


How We Help Your Employees Stay On Track

To help your employees achieve success we document their current financial status and track their progress. We will share with you reports on the aggregate financial status of your participating employees. You can see the aggregate employees’ financial metrics and evaluate impact on organizational retention rates and other goals. 

This program affords each participant access to the following:

  • An easy online enrollment process
  • Access to financial and credit counselors
  • Digital direct deposit capabilities
  • Access to the Reliable Ride transportation auto loan
  • Access to low-cost financial services and loan products
  • Regularly scheduled financial empowerment webinars and training
  • Access to online financial empowerment resources
  • Access to our Financial Empowerment Officer
  • A complete credit and financial analysis -  Includes identification of any opportunity to increase credit score and restructure existing debt


Let’s partner today!

Become a Partner


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CreditConnectNOW™ provides employees with a personalized plan to improve their credit score and financial situation with access to low-cost credit-building loans and products.



CreditConnectNow™ is offered to select employees/members.

Improve your Credit and Personal Finances NOW!

CreditConnectNow will help you

  • Grow your Financial and Credit Knowledge
  • Grow your Credit Score
  • Increase your access to money/capital
  • Lower your cost of money/capital
  • Grow your savings

If you are ready to take control of your finances, CreditConnectNow™ can help!

Learn More

Financial Resource Center

Enjoy the following resources as well at our Financial Resource Center.

Check Up Financial Analysis

Financial Counseling

Financial Literacy Resources


*Must be member of FAFCU and SEG members. Must qualify for loan. Other restrictions may apply. 

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