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Stopping Spyware

Check your computer for harmful intruders.

Spyware can significantly slow down your computer, inundate you with popup ads, cause mysterious problems, and even steal your identity. If you use Internet Explorer for Windows, you are at the greatest risk for a spyware infection.

Web Browsers

Your Internet software could be responsible.

Changing browsers (the program you use to access the web) is easy, free, and can be very rewarding. But you'll need to keep Internet Explorer around, so that you can download the latest Windows security updates from Windows Update.

If you'd rather keep using Internet Explorer, but want to avoid spyware and popup problems, consider the following:

  • Raise the security level for the Internet Zone:

    Tools >> Internet Options... >> Security, and set the level to High.

  • Consider using programs available to block spyware from being installed on your computer.
  • Check for more secure and capable browser versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Install a toolbar for Internet Explorer that add popup blocking and more.

A system free of spyware will provide a more enjoyable experience for all your online travels.

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