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VISA Debit Card

A VISA debit card from Financial Access Federal Credit Union gives you on-the-spot access to your FAFCU checking account without having to write a check. Pay for your purchases anywhere in the United States* that VISA is accepted and also at ATM Locations.

******LOST OR STOLEN: CALL 1-888-514-1424*****

******TO ACTIVATE AND RESET PIN: CALL 1-866-762-0558*****

Remote Control Cards

You can now lock or unlock your Financial Access FCU debit card through our online banking and mobile app. This service protects your card number from being used without your knowledge. We encourage you to shut off your card for all transactions when you are not using your card. Please be aware that a locked card will also block recurring (monthly) charges.

· Log into your online banking, through your computer, pad or mobile app.

· Click on the menu

· Scroll down to remote control cards

It’s that simple!

Travel Outside the United States

To protect our members and the credit union Visa Debit Cards are only accepted in the Continental US. If you are planning on traveling internationally we encourage you to apply for our Mastercard credit card.


Fraud Monitoring

Using your Financial Access FCU Visa debit card is simple. Now, fraud monitoring is just as seamless with two-way text alerts.

  • Our free fraud monitoring network watches for suspicious or unusual transactions
  • If a suspicious transaction appears on your card, you'll receive a text from Financial Access FCU asking if it's legitimate
  • Text back to confirm or deny the transaction
  • Simple, quick and easy
  • FAFCU debit card holders are automatically enrolled

To protect yourself against text fraud or scams please note that Financial Access Federal Credit Union will never ask you for your account number or passwords.

For two-way text alerts to work as intended, it is extremely important to make sure we have your correct cell phone number. Just log onto your online banking. Click on the settings button (the wheel in the top right corner) and then go to "Personal Information". Here is where you can make sure we have your correct cell phone number. 

ATM and VISA Debit Card / Safety

  1.  Remember there is safety in numbers. Whenever possible, have another person accompany you.
  2.  Be alert for any suspicious persons or circumstances when approaching an ATM or Night Depository. Should you observe or otherwise feel uneasy or uncomfortable with your surroundings, use a  different ATM. Report the suspicious circumstances to the authorities.
  3. Be prepared to transact business with transaction documents (i.e., deposit ticket) ready in advance.
  4. Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Do not write your PIN on your card or leave your PIN in your wallet or purse. Protect the secrecy of your PIN. Do not lend your Card and PIN to someone else.  Do not leave your Card at/in the ATM.
  5. Keep your Card in a safe place. Treat your card as you would cash. Report lost or stolen Card at once by calling 1-888-514-1424. Shut your card off using Remote Control Cards in your Online Banking.
  6. Prevent others from seeing you enter your PIN. Shield the transaction area with your body or hand.
  7. Mark each transaction in your account register. Keep your receipts and compare them against your account statements.
  8. Be aware of con games. If anyone asks you to withdraw money for any reason, leave the area and contact the proper authorities.
  9. Upon completing your transaction, retrieve your Card and receipt and leave the area at once. Do not count or otherwise visually expose any money received from the ATM.
  10. Continue to observe your surroundings for any suspicious persons or circumstances such as anyone following or approaching you.

 Always maintain a safe distance between you and any stranger. If you believe that you are being followed, you should go to the nearest place where there are people and contact law enforcement authorities.

Important news about a VISA mandate

This service will provide updates to merchants who maintain card-on-file (COF) account information to process recurring customer payments, such as subscriptions or utility companies. These services will assist with reducing the number of declined transactions due to expired cards, lost/stolen cards, or other card-related changes not reported by the cardholder to impacted merchants.

What does this mean for you, the cardholder?
If your debit card is expired, lost/stolen or closed for any other purpose, merchants that you have authorized to take recurring payments out of your account will still be able to process those payments.
You can opt out of this service by completing the online Visa Account Opt-Out Updater form below:

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